Straight Up Health Performance

The Premier Provider Of On-Site Wellness Services in Western New York


                    What Are They Saying About                      Straight Up Health Performance



Rachel D’Alfonso, Commercial Team Coordinator, North American Breweries

“I’m the type of person who puts off going to the doctor’s because I don’t like the hassle, but working with Straight Up Health has made getting the spine care that I need, quick and convenient. Having these on-sight services in our office makes it so anyone can take 15 minutes out of their busy schedule to benefit their well-being. All of their doctors are very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have about health, fitness, and the services they offer. They will even provide beneficial stretches for your specific working conditions, whether you work in an office or are a professional athlete. If you’ve never had a massage or an adjustment before, or are someone that goes regularly, you won’t be disappointed by the quality and professionalism of Straight Up Health.”

Steve Wischmann, President, Horizon Performance Solutions

“Straight Up Health Performance is the perfect blend of responsive and expert wellness care coupled with convenience and accommodation.  Dr. Brad Hopkins and Jason Mackiewicz are trendsetters in the region as they literally bring top-notch chiropractic and fitness care to your front door.  The services provided by Straight Up Health Performance are ideally suited for on-site corporate visits, on-campus support to sports teams, and tailored wellness care for individuals in any setting.”

Jessie Osborne, HR Department, North American Breweries

“Between working full time and being a mom, my spine health tends to get put on the back burner. Straight Up Health Performance has been a great relief to me though and has helped to provide a solution for my busy schedule. They make taking care of myself extremely convenient, with being able to book an appointment from my desk and then walk into the next office for a timely visit. What is more important, is that the Chiropractors are amazing, well- educated and extremely professional.  I always leave the table, well adjusted, refreshed and feeling ready to take on my week! Dr. Mike Thom has been especially awesome and has provided great adjustments!”


Karen Kumpf, Risk Manager, Baker Victory Services

Straight Up Health Performance brings employee wellness to the workplace in a unique way! Our employee’s love the idea of being able to sign up for a 15-20 minute massage during their workday. Each time we have offered the Straight Up Health Performances services, more employees have taken advantage of the opportunity to relieve the days muscle tightness, fatigue, irritability and overall body aches. Straight Up Health Performance makes it so easy to provide this benefit to our employees; it’s as simple as finding a comfortable space and letting staff know how to sign up. Dr. Hopkins and his therapists take care of the rest. They are friendly and helpful – offering information on the medical benefits of massage therapy, promoting overall health & wellness tips and giving staff 15- 20 minutes of relaxation during their workday. We are excited to have them back in October!